Sunday, June 06, 2010

Harold's Big Clock

"I can't help thinking this is a bad idea, old chum." Jasfoup called up the three stories of the Great Hall to the attic space at the top where Harold – or rather, Devious directed by Harold – was sawing a series of slots in the ceiling. His voice echoed from the walls and made several of the assorted weapons on display ring. He stepped forward and tapped the great bronze disk hung from the attic.

"Nonsense!" Harold's face appeared at one of the holes. "This is the actual clock from the set of Harry Potter and the Really Boring Trek through the Woods. It cost me a small fortune at Bellend and Grommet's. Of course it's going in."

"I just thought... what with Lucy being a toddler now it might be a bit dangerous?"

"Look." Harold spoke slowly and with great deliberation. "

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