Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Spirifer's Price

The priory of St. Dunstan's was visited only by parishioners brave enough to travel the sunken streets of Fallen London in the ever-present mist. The priest and his retinue of robe-clad priest were not above questioning new faces, fearful of exposing the underbelly of mankind to the eyes of God, lest they be open to Judgement too early.

Alexis made it her business to visit nightly, until her presence was no longer commented on or even noticed. Her form, kneeling at the shrine of Elizabeth, Our Lady of the Fall, became as one with the decor, a shadow of the flickering foxfire candles. Such dedication to her craft paid off when one night she was witness to a meeting between the priest and a sharply dressed, horned individual.

"I'll take those." Alexis held her pistol the Father Mattock's head and gestured to a small crate of bottles.

"You don't know what you're getting yourself involved with." The priest glanced at his companion who held up a hand and stepped backwards into shadow. "This is not something to dabble in. Saving souls is a serious business."

"And selling them an illegal one." Alexis squatted and pulled a bottle from the straw-packed crate. Inside the tinted glass swirled a nebulous, smoky figure – a mortal soul.

"And you'll return them to their rightful owners, will you?" The priest spat, looking to the shadows and hoping for rescue.

"Aye." Alexis stood, hefting the small crate with her free hand. "For the right price."

'Spirifer', 'St. Dunstan's' and 'Fallen London' belong to Failbetter Games

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