Saturday, June 05, 2010

WIP excerpt

Winston hunched over the photograph. "It's the mark of Lazarus." He pointed to the scars, unhealed thanks to the death of the recipient. "See here? They were hurried, scratched into the flesh after death. My guess is they marked the corpse ready for possession."

Jasfoup looked up. "Demons don't possess the dead. We find it as abominable as mortals do. The dead have no souls and should stay in the ground."

"This is no ordinary demon." Winston took a book from his bag and opened it at a page he'd bookmarked. "Look at this. This is a photograph of a village in the Sudan overrun by zombies in 1935." The photograph showed three African soldiers standing over more than thirty corpses. "Look at the corpses." Winston passed over a magnifying glass and Jasfoup studied the photograph.

He looked up. "They all have the same mark as our Ms. Brinkley."

"Exactly." Winston sat back. "The mark of Lazarus, possessed in the tomb by one of the exiled demons of Legion."

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