Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Chance meeting

"It's all a matter of wrist-action old boy." Jasfoup speared a wriggling escargot au naturale on a cocktail stick and prised it from the shell. "Honestly, it's as easy as throwing dried peas into a plastic straw at ten paces."

"That doesn't sound very easy, to be honest." Harold was less gregarious in his choice of snake and was eating salted cashew nuts. "Actually, it sounds rather—"

Both speech and locomotion were arrested by Jasfoup's arm across his chest. "Are you wearing perfume?" said the demon. "Something lily-based?"

"No." Harold sniffed his armpit. "Just Invisible and Dry."

Jasfoup stepped to one side and took the corner at a wide angle. "Amanda!" he said. "I thought I recognised the stick of corruption. I'd like to say it's lovely to run into you, but I don't lie on my lunch breaks."

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