Saturday, July 31, 2010

Double Cross

Julie helped the two boys through the back door of the gallery. "Can you help them?"

"You should have brought them to me sooner." Legion glided across the room to the students, lifting their eyelids and examining their skin for signs of deterioration. "I'm not sure there's very much I can do for them now."

"Please try." Julie helped Dill into a chair. His lips were moving in a repeated pattern but he'd forgotten to inhale so no sound came out. She tried to lip read but it seemed as if he was talking about the weather. 'Rains?'

"I can't repair the eye." Legion inserted a finger into Sam's socket and levered out the dull, glazed orb. "Still, you're no stranger to ruined faces, are you?" She pulled Dill's right arm out straight and scratched a sigil into it. Julie caught a flash of silver as one of the demons entered, forcing Dillard out of his skin.

"Hey!" The ex-student, ex-mortal scowled. "Do you mind? I was using that."

His body opened his eyes and spoke with a mouth he recognised from the bathroom mirror. "Not any more, mate."

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