Friday, July 30, 2010


The tiny car crawled along the Old Oxford Road at a snail's pace, its driver seemingly oblivious to the mile-long tailback that had developed between Little Taunting and Laverstone. By the time the procession reached Marsh Lane, Sergeant Brandsford, who had stood patiently next to the 'Keep Left' sign of the pedestrian safety point, walked alongside it, tapping on the driver's window.

"Mrs. Waterman," he said when she acknowledged him. "What a pleasure to see you."

Ada spared him a glance. "Michael Brandsford. I held your mother deliver you."

"So I'm told." He took another step to keep up with her. "Would you mind pulling into the side of the road, please?"

"If I must." Ada gave him a wry smile and did as she was asked.

"Why were you going so slowly?"

"It's a solar powered car."

"I'm sorry?"

Ada sighed. "It's a solar powered car. And it's cloudy."

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