Monday, August 30, 2010

Service Stop

The bruise was painful to the touch; a livid black and purple, fading to green and yellow at the edges. Emily poked it again, feeling the familiar tingle as the damaged flesh reacted to the pressure. Her smile faded as she fumbled for the arnica, applying the cream in a circular pattern before pulling up her knickers and flushing the loo and leaving the cubical. She crossed to the row of washbasins, gasping as vibrations travelled up her body. She clenched her thighs together and began washing her hands.

"You all right love?" The woman using the next washbasin along spoke to her reflection. "You look a bit peaky. Time of the month?"

"Something like that." Emily nodded at her, shaking her hands free of water droplets as she moved to the hand dryer, then out to her friend, waiting on the concourse.

"All right?" Michael unknowingly echoed the woman in the bathroom. "You were gone a while."

"And who are you to judge how long a lady needs to use the bathroom?"

"Since I became the one holding the key?" He patted his jacket pocket where he carried the means to release the stainless steel chastity belt."

"He gave you that only in case of emergency." Emily stalked toward the double doors leading to the car park. Her egress was arrested by vibrations again, this time so heavy she was forced to lean against the wall of a retail outlet selling fold-up chairs and portable stoves. She squeezed her eyes shut, willing herself to overcome the sensations when what she actually wanted was to ram her hand inside her knickers and bring herself to orgasm.

The sensations faded. Emily opened her eyes to the stares of several strangers on the concourse. They looked away as she challenged their gaze.

"I'm not ready to leave just yet." Michael took hold of her arm. "I haven't perused the food vendors yet. Would you like a sandwich?"

She didn't answer until he thumbed the handset for the remote-controlled vibrator again. Her eyes widened.

He chuckled. "Or would you prefer some meat?"

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