Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A Smile on Your Purchase

The house at 22 Murder Drive, Infamy was very cheap. Well below market value, in fact; the main factor in Gerry being able to afford the mortgage. "Why are there no other houses on the estate sold?" he asked the vendor, John Smiles*.

"Yours is the show home." John clapped him on the back and clipped the end from a cigar. "Fully furnished, fully fitted kitchen. Ten percent cash deposit and you can move in."

"Fantastic." Gerry took a brief walk around the small garden. "What's this mound?"

"Ambiance." John pointed. "Have you seen the view? Marvellous fields and a quirky post-modern building in the mid ground."

"That's a cemetery and crematorium."

"There you go. And not a penny extra on the price."

*Smiles Estate Agents, 20 Dark Passage, Laverstone

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