Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cutting Edge

Samuel looked at his image in the monitor, flicking through to the overhead camera and zooming in to see the back of his own head. He stroked the smooth surface with his palm as if brushing back an errant cowlick. "What do you think?"

The speakers on Dill's installation came to life. "Nice cranial transplant, bro." His biometric monitor flickered with activity as the neural implant accessed the cameras. "What about further enhancement? Is there an access port?"

"But of course." Samuel depressed a hidden button, allowing the stainless steel cranial shell to recede into the forehead construction, exposing the brain in its case, fed by wires and tubes. "Easy access to any section of the tissue for cybernetic enhancement or biological replacement."

"Sweet." Dill's speakers crackled. "This was the best time to become zombies. Right at the profitable cutting edge of Tech."

Sam closed his cranial cover and grinned with what little remained of his lips. "Cutting edge, yes. Quite literally."

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