Monday, October 11, 2010

Murder Victim

" Like a painting, we will be erased.
Like a flower, we will dry up here on earth.

Like plumed vestments of the precious bird,

That precious bird with the agile neck,
We will come to an end."

White used the end of a pencil to pick off a scab from the body. "Find out where that's from, Sergeant. it could be important."

"It probably is important, to judge by its position." Eric Chambers lifted the mask from his face and allowed it to dangle around his neck. "My guess is it took an hour or more to carve that into the victim's chest. It must have been excruciating."

"He certainly came to an end. Is that the cause of death?"

"Actually, no. " Eric twisted one of the victims legs to one side. "That little cut there was."

"Femoral artery?" Chambers nodded and Write straightened. "Do we have an identity?"

"Jonathan Hill. Taught modern languages and history at the technical college. Constable Bride recognised him from her evening class in Spanish. He was a good teacher, she said. Everybody loved him."

"I beg to differ." White peeled off the pair of blue latex gloves and handed them to a SOCO. "Somebody didn't like him at all. You could say..." He donned a pair of sunglasses. "Our murderer cut and ran."

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