Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Summer Display

Harold opened the box he'd pulled out of storage in the cellar. Well, he called it the cellar but it was actually one of the rooms behind gallery three of the Basement Gallery, downstairs. He sublet the gallery to Felicia and she re-let the storage rooms to him, earning them both a substantial rebate on the business rates.

“Summer already?” Jasfoup sliced through the packing tape with a claw. “What delights have you got in store for the window display this year? Same as usual?”

“It's seasonal.” Harold pulled out a surfboard and set it to one side. Despite the box declaring it had once contained forty-eight packets of ready-salted crisps and was two feet by eighteen inches square, the surfboard was full-sized. “People like my summer display.”

“I suppose.” Jasfoup pulled out a pair of blue-striped deckchairs and a rainbow-patterned windbreak. “It just seems odd for a bookshop.”

“Summer best-sellers. Everyone likes to read a book on the beach.” He began pulling out bags of sand and emptying them into the display.

“Yes, but they generally go for Jilly Cooper or James Patterson.” Jasfoup pulled out a box of books. “Not a nineteen sixty-eight copy of 'Five on a Killing Spree in Dorset'.”

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