Tuesday, January 07, 2014

*Merry Christmas

Harold regarded the Christmas tree thoughtfully. The eight-foot spruce dominated the Great Hall and if one was very lucy, one could still find a hollow chocolate lantern or a crème-filled chocolate bear amongst the tinsel and baubles, even this late in the season. “Should we take the decorations down?”

Jasfoup snaffles a chololate snowman. “No hurry, is there? It's cheerful and you're not superstitious about twelfth nigh, are you?”

“Well...” Harold grimaced. “Mum always took it down on the sixth and it's the seventh today.”

“Just pretend you're Welsh.”

“Welsh? Why?”

“They still reckon by the Julian calendar. They don't take their trees down until the new year, and since the Julian calendar is thirteen days behind the Gregorian, that's not until the fourteenth.”

“Excellent.” Harold unwrapped a chocolate santa. “Nadolig Llawen* .”