Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dead Girls Love Cats

Night School

Chloe pulled up her attendance record for the last month, thankful Mrs Gardiner, the school secretary, relied on a rotating list of three passwords Chloe had been able to crack after a simple five-minute conversation with her the first day of term. Today's password was 'Tempest', after Mrs Gardiner's seven year old tabby cat.

Paging back a week, she compared the school records with her diary. There was no point altering entries in the week just gone. Mrs Gardiner's memory wasn't bad enough to forget such recent input, but in a school of over three hundred kids, data over a week old was fair game. Chloe altered her Tuesday and Friday zeroes to ones, but left Wednesday untouched. She'd convinced her father she was ill that day by feigning stomach cramps and sending him to Mundy's supermarket for tampons.

When she was satisfied her attendance was within the mandatory 85%, Chloe opened the student performance results and increased her C average to a B, with the exception of Physical Education, which she left at a barely passing C-minus. She left her IT mark at an A. There was only so much people would believe, and to pretend she was good at sport would stretch their imagination like a rubber band in a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

“What are you doing?”


Stephanie Wright said...

Ach! So close!

I'm so happy to read her again.

Rachel Green said...

I'm still re-planning her novel