Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Dead Girls excerpt

Try the Leafy Salad

“Gee.” Chloe started through the windshield at the frontage of what used to be Northern's Chip and Fishy. “What price, progress?”

It looks nice, Clo.” Shawna unclipped her seatbelt and smoothed the creases out of her skirt. “Clean, anyway.”

Upmarket rubbish.”Chloe pulled her key from the ignition. “I mean, anything called the Magic Faraway Tree has got to be a vegan restaurant. Last time I was here you could get steak and kidney pie and chips, a can of Tizer and a deep fried Mars bar and still have change for a fiver. I bet a glass of tap water costs more than that in here.”

So what? It's been a long drive and I'm tired and hungry. At least with vegan food wou're not coing to fall prey to salmonella. Come on. There's bound to be something on the menu you'll eat.”

Probably the beer stains on the menu.” Chloe cracked open the door and climbed out of the car. “Mind you, I bet even those are speciality ales brewed in a plastic bag and filtered over coffee grounds”

No, they're not licences, look.” Shawna pointed to an enamel sign. “Seems popular though. It's busy for a lunchtime.”

I'll say.” Chloe caught a whiff of something from the kitchen. A smell she associated more with smoking than cooking. She smiled and put her arm around her girlfriend's waist. “I think I'll try the brownies first.”


Stephanie Wright said...

*laughs* Nice surprise for the girls.

This is a very atmospheric scene. Where are they? In the north or along the coast?

Rachel Green said...

Still Laverstone. This is the chippy from LfS